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elmsford-ny-real-estate-westchesterDistance to NYC: 23 Miles
1 Square Mile

Elmsford was known as Storm's Bridge in the early 1700's and as Hall's Corners during the middle of the nineteenth century. One-mile square, it is midway between White Plains and Tarrytown in Westchester County, NY. Elmsford was named in 1870 for a large elm tree, nearly 30 feet in circumference, which has been a landmark since the Revolutionary War. The easy accessibility of the community  to White Plains as well as New York City has contributed greatly to the industrial and commercial position of the village.

harrison-ny-real-estate-westchesterDistance to NYC: 20 Miles
4 Square Miles

There are several stories about the founding of Harrison. All versions agree that John Harrison, in 1696, was the founder and that the boundaries seem to lie within brooks, streams and lakes, the only landlocked town on the Sound side of Westchester County. This 22 square mile area was to be called "Harrison's Purchase". To this day a section of Harrison is called Purchase.


Situated 27 miles from New York City, commuters are only a 36 minute express train ride to Grand Central Station. Harrison is the home of scores of major corporations whose offices are located along Route 287. PepsiCo headquarters, on a 121 acre site, exhibits the works of such artists as Giacometti, Calder, Rodin, Nevelson and Moore in its beautiful sculpture gardens. The Neuberger Museum at SUNY has over 5,000 pieces in its permanent collection, predominantly 20th century artists, and a fine collection of African Art sculpture.

greenburgh-hartsdale-ny-largeDistance to NYC: 23 miles
Area: 4 square miles
County: Westchester

Hartsdale is a charming hamlet in the unincorporated section of the Town of Greenburgh, Westchester county. Spread throughout its 4 square miles are several shopping centers, two business districts and a population as diverse as those in many large cities. Rich in history, Hartsdale has maintained a rural quality with working farms, old estates and the 1st pet cemetery, The Hartsdale Canine Cemetery. Shopping is plentiful, including the Hart's Corners area, the area around the train station with a variety of small shops and the Dalewood Shop ping on Central Park Avenue. The Bronx River Parkway and Sprain Parkway provide easy access to all of Westchester and nearby New York City. The bus line from White Plains to Manhattan passes through Hartsdale on Central Avenue. The Harlem Division of Metro North services Hartsdale with a commuting time of 32 minutes. Hartsdale has almost every type of housing imaginable, a typical development is Poets' Corner, with 26 streets named for poets. Most of the homes were built in the 50's, but some date to the 1920's. There are Cape Cods, colonials, ranches and split levels on lots averaging 75 by 100 feet. Older homes tend to be concentrated near the train station.

hastings-ny-real-estate-westchesterDistance to NYC: 20 Miles
Area: 2 Square Miles
County: Westchester

The Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, located in Westchester County on the Hudson River, manages to blend the sophistication of Manhattan with friendly, relaxed, small-town charm. The Village residents come from diverse professions, lawyers, doctors, artists, writers, musicians, professors, plumbers and municipal workers, all drawn together by a great pride in their unique community. This Westchester suburb is only a 20 minute ride to Grand Central Station

irvington-ny-real-estate-westchesterDistance to NYC: 20 Miles
Area: 4 Square Miles
County: Westchester

The Village of Irvington in Westchester County, NY is most notable as the home to Washington Irving, America's first great literary figure. Irving lived in and wrote about the area. His home, Sunnyside, is now open to the public. Beginning in the late 1850's, the Village of Irvington became a veritable showplace of opulent estates.

larchmont-ny-real-estate-westchesterDistance to NYC: 18 Miles
Area: 1 Square Mile
County: Westchester

Larchmont Village located in Westchester County, NY has a population exceeding 7000 residents, and the unincorporated Town of Mamaroneck (outside the village) has an additional 13,000 residents. Larchmont is situated less than 20 miles from New York City. Located in Westchester County. "I know a village..." where a cosmopolitan citizenry has a distinct European flavor ... where young and old blend into a relaxed yet sophisticated community ... where people of the arts, sports enthusiasts and executives seek to live ...where parks, beaches, noted private clubs and recreational facilities connote the luxurious and charming life of a waterfront community.

mamaroneck-ny-real-estate-westchesterDistance to NYC: 23 Miles
Area: 3.5 Square Miles
County: Westchester

The Town of Mamaroneck located in Westchester County includes the entire Village of Larchmont (one square mile), the Unincorporated Area (5.7 square miles which is not part of either village), and that part of the Village of Mamaroneck west of the Mamaroneck River bordering Rye Neck (2.3 square miles). Both the incorporated villages and the unincorporated Town are self-governing and define the Town as a political and governmental subdivision of the State of New York. The Town provides direct municipal services—police, fire and sanitation—to the residents of the Unincorporated area, and recreation, property assessment services and election supervision to both villages.

new-rochelle-ny-largeDistance to NYC: 16 miles
Area: 10.4 square miles
County: Westchester

"Queen City of the Sound" encompasses 10.4 square miles with 9.3 miles of waterfront within Westchester County. Just 25 minutes to New York City. Population is approximately 68,000. New Rochelle was founded in 1688 by the French Huguenots who named their settlements after La Rochelle...their last stronghold in France. Since the founding of New Rochelle, its water-front has played a key role in the City's development, and today its growing downtown is only six blocks from the City's nine miles of shoreline. Diversity is its essence, with people of many backgrounds living in neighborhoods that range from turn of the century Victorian to the very newest homes. Its innovative school system, together with top private schools, colleges and an important medical center, make this sound shore community a stimulating, as well as beautiful, place in which to live.

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