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10 Tips To Add Value To Your Home In White Plains, NY

Make the most of selling your home or apartment in White Plains, NY. I will show you 10 tips to add value to your property.

#1. Give A Facelift To The Siding

Replacing siding is my No. 1 pick home improvement when preparing your White Plains, NY home for sale. This repair can add great value to your home and give it much better curb appeal. Here is your chance to make a wonderful first impression to prospective buyers in your White Plains, NY neighborhood. Siding that is in need of repair is going to be looked at as a fixer-upper. Remember that first impression is often last impression and sets the tone for what potential buyers think they will find inside the house. Add curb appeal and lower maintenance with composite siding. Cement board siding is efficient, it lasts, and is maintenance free.

#2. Made Easy - Minor Bathroom Changes

It is easy to make minor changes to bathrooms and that can be very advantageous to you when showing your property. Updating a bath often costs less and can net a greater return than the investment. Consider replacing old tile or a dated tub, sink and toilet, If you keep the same layout there is not a great deal of expense. Updating light fixtures and accessories is the easiest way to breathe new life into an old bathroom.

#3 Revive the Kitchen

Get creative and consider making some small changes to your kitchen. This can be done without spending a lot of money. First, get rid of the wallpaper. Today’s buyers are expecting current updates to your kitchen — for example, stainless-steel appliances and hardware. Add or change some of the lighting and you've got a great-looking, updated kitchen. Also, some people are looking for gourmet kitchens. Whether they can cook or not, a kitchen is a huge prospect for a buyer. According to Remodeling magazine, the only home improvement likely to return more at resale was a minor (roughly $15,000) kitchen remodel, which returned 92.9 percent at resale. Bottom line: kitchens sell houses! You won’t go wrong!

#4. Add to the Attic

What’s doing in your attic? I know, it’s the “Catchall” for everything you don’t need. Think about turning it into a bedroom/sitting room or even a playroom. Be sure there are plenty of windows which will bring in that much needed natural light. Also, windows create an egress. This will allow for creating a legal space. Hardwood flooring and built-in closets and dressers are also great additions that will add value to your White Plains, NY home when reselling.

#5. Don't Be Afraid To Paint

There is nothing easier or more cost effective than using paint to change the look of your home. Some tips: Did you know that most paint companies offer professional color specialists to come in and offer advice? Also, neutral is the key. A prospective buyer needs to be able to visualize his or her belongings in the room and using neutral shades will allow that. Before you start, consider your skills as a painter. If you think they are not up to par, hire someone. It will pay for itself in the end.

#6. Update the Home Office

Today many prospective buyers work from home. It is very easy to convert a bedroom or den into the perfect home office. Take care of business with a home office remodel. It doesn’t have to be luxurious, it needs to be efficient and organized. You can easily create this by adding cabinets or shelving. That along with a fresh coat of paint will reward you when you sell your White Plains, NY home.

#7. Install New Windows

Old windows must go! They are not energy efficient and homeowners lose, on average, 30% of the energy in the home. By installing new windows your White Plains, NY buyers will believe that the home has been well taken care of.

#8. Refurbish the Basement

Most often buyers see nothing in a basement but clutter or an plain empty room. Usually they are not very inviting. With a little creativity you can change that into a wonderful “play” space for adults or children, perhaps both. By adding simple flooring, paint and seating you add both character and value to your home.

#9. Keep Rooms Flexible

Do you have an enclosed porch in your home? Have you thought about turning it into a sanctuary? Buyers will see it and know immediately that it is a “special place” to relax in. No one's saying you need to give up your "special place," but it's important to hold back a little. Consider installing hardwood floors, wiring for cable, phone and new windows These changes will allow you some customization while keeping the room versatile. Place some plants and comfortable seating and watch your buyers comment on the coziness of this wonderful room. In White Plains, NY, summers evenings are a wonderful opportunity to sit in your "santuary" setting and enjoy the evening with friends or family in this special place.

#10. Create or Renovate a Master Suite

Buyers expect to find a Master suite in homes today, especially in Westchester County. They really aren't a luxury anymore. On average, 33% of house shoppers are more than likely to buy a home that has recently been renovated. Most often, you can work within the footprint of a house. By making just a few changes you will increase your return on investment. In the Master Suite, buyers are looking at space, closets and the bath. It is worth the money to make the closet into an awesome, spacious, organized space. Fit it out with shelves, double hanging and shoe storage. You won’t regret it!

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