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Easing the Rough Ride of Relocation For Children

A relocation is difficult and stressful for all members of the family, but children in particular can
have a hard time dealing with being uprooted—especially if they feel uninvolved during the
process. Through interviews with several real estate professionals and other experts,  we will
examine techniques that will assist in helping children feel a part of the relocation and ease the
burden of the transition.

Remember the last time you were on an airplane that encountered sudden, unexpected
turbulence? Everyone knows the skyrocketing anxiety that overtakes you as your thoughts start
to run to an awful place. The calming voice of the pilot on the intercom reassuring the passengers
and crew that everything is under control and smooth air is moments away is a huge relief and
actually restores your breathing back to normal.

Consider, though, how you would feel if the pilot said nothing over the intercom while you were
gripping your armrests and wresting your imagination with silent prayers. Fortunately, pilots do
use the intercom and try their best to alleviate our greatest fears.

For some kids, moving is like flying in a plane with a pilot who neglects to use the intercom.                                                                                                      As a Realtor, working with families that have school-age children, I know how extra stressful
moving—and the anticipation of moving—is for these clients. The preparation, logistics, and
emotions are no picnic for adults, so it is impossible to quantify the heavy burden for children
trying to cope with a decision that is out of their control and often comes along with limited
understanding or explanation.

This dilemma presents a true opportunity for me to connect with my clients and form long-term relationships.                                                            Although no one would dispute that parents are responsible for guiding their children through the relocation                                                                             It has helped me to build solid bonds with all my relocated families.


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