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Bonnie Koff is a Certified Relocation Specialist. Bonnie's accepts the challenge of any relocation, whether across state lines or around the world. Bonnie's goal is to manage the process in a timely manner with as little upheaval as possible. The key to insuring a successful move is preserving the lifestyles of employees and their families.

Relocation specialists not only help to find the right home, they also help you to feel comfortable with schools, day and senior care, recreation opportunities, spouse employment, cross-cultural issues and cost of living. Our Relocation team's moving tips will help make your relocation experience a pleasant one.

Your first step will be to speak with Bonnie or one of her experienced Relocation team members who will help to educate you on the various areas of relocation planning. Their goal is to reduce pressure and stress - ensuring a comfortable and seamless transition.

Employee mobility is an integral part of today's changing corporate world. Successfully relocating employees and their families has become an important, yet costly and complex process. 

Each year,  the Bonnie Koff relocation team serves the needs of dozens of men and women transferring to and from our area, as well as across the country.

We focus on providing everything you need to make the best possible decision when buying a home - an informed and educated one. Outlined below are a few of our many services.

  • Single point of contact: One staff member will assist you throughout the entire process.
  • Analysis of specific family needs to ensure that your family lifestyle and educational needs are met.
  • Free School Reports, including national database with cross-country comparisons.
  • Information on shopping, recreation and cultural activities.
  • Customized house tour.
  • A detailed outline of local real estate purchasing procedures.
  • Free market analysis of your existing property.
  • Prompt, caring, personal attention.

Home Marketing Assistance

Our Home Marketing Assistance Program assists you in selling your current home for the highest possible price in the least amount of time, anywhere in the United States and Canada. This program is available to individuals and employees whether your company offers a home buy-out program or not.

International Services

Our experienced team of Relocation experts allows us to assist you whether you're transferring from one end town or anywhere in the world.

Before planning your next relocation, it is always a good idea to plan appropriately. This checklist should aid in making your relocation successful.

Relocating: Changes to Make After the Move

  • Add safety gates and secure pets.
  • Set up utilities.
  • Switch schools.
  • Change your address.
  • Update your insurance.
  • Close and open bank accounts.
  • Close and open safe deposit boxes.
  • Transfer deliveries and subscriptions.
  • Transfer memberships.
  • Obtain medical records.

Relocation encompasses much more than being able to sell the home of a transferee in a short amount of time, or squire a relocating employee around town for the weekend. A relocation specialist must be made of bionic parts - faster, smoother, more capable, more tireless, and more Internet-enabled than the average agent.

When an employee is being transferred by a company, the company has to take on the burden of making the transition as smooth as possible so the transferee arrives relaxed and ready to work. Depending on the size of the organization, and how many employees they move around the country or the world, an internal relocation services department will shepherd the employee through the sale is his/her home to the purchase of a home in the destination city. This department is generally overseen by the Human Resources (HR) manager and/or ancillary staff.

What these managers will do is develop relationships with relocation specialists depending on the size of their organization and the rank of the people whom they are transferring. (Relocation packages are designed and offered according to employee rankings.) For example, one employee of higher rank may get a package that includes the purchase of their home if it fails to sell in a timely fashion plus an equity advance on a new home, while a lower-ranking employee may be reimbursed only for the Realtors' sales commissions when their home is sold.

Large companies with lots of higher-ranking relocations might choose a third-party relocation company like Cendant Mobility or Prudential Relocation, to arrange the transfers of their employees. At the same time, the client may hire a pre-sale relocation company to handle the sale before it is turned over to the large corporate property buyer. The two companies will help the client company design and price the relocation packages for each transferee.

A relocation is difficult and stressful for all members of the family, but children in particular can
have a hard time dealing with being uprooted—especially if they feel uninvolved during the
process. Through interviews with several real estate professionals and other experts,  we will
examine techniques that will assist in helping children feel a part of the relocation and ease the
burden of the transition.

Remember the last time you were on an airplane that encountered sudden, unexpected
turbulence? Everyone knows the skyrocketing anxiety that overtakes you as your thoughts start
to run to an awful place. The calming voice of the pilot on the intercom reassuring the passengers
and crew that everything is under control and smooth air is moments away is a huge relief and
actually restores your breathing back to normal.

Consider, though, how you would feel if the pilot said nothing over the intercom while you were
gripping your armrests and wresting your imagination with silent prayers. Fortunately, pilots do
use the intercom and try their best to alleviate our greatest fears.

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