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The First 6 Things To Do When Moving Into A New Home

As a homeowner, you are charged with with safety and security of your home, the payment of your bills, along with the payment of your bills, cleanliness, tidiness, among other things. Running a house is similar to running a business. Take all the responsibilities seriously and you will be successful and happy in your home

1. Replace Every Lock In Your Home

Safety first! Change your locks. More than likely, there are other people in your area that have keys to your house, the Realtor, dog walker, possibly a painter or contractor. Regardless of you being able to change the locks yourself, it is imperative to hire a locksmith.


2. Install A Home Security System

Home security is extremely important because break-ins can happen anywhere, anytime. Security systems are a deterent to robbers and home invasions. They keep safe the 3 "Ps," people, pets, possessions.

These systems incorporate all of the following:

  • Doorbells with tiny embedded cameras
  • Phone APPS for remote home security management
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors
  • Freezing water pipes  
  • Most new systems are now wireless. This means they can be installed, tested and working in less than 30 minutes without the help of a professional. You don't even need a landline. Today's systems operate using self-contained cellular networks.


    3. Inspect Your Heating System, A/C Unit and Water Heater

    As soon as you move into your new home have an HVAC certified company check your mechanicals, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. If your technician recommends maintenance, have it done. In the long run, it will be much cheaper than replacing them. Be sure to buy an annual contract.


    4. Shop For A Car Insurance Discount

    Consider that:

    • You are living in a new home
    • You are parking your car in a new area
    • You are older than the last time you applied for auto insurance
    • Your commute and usage of your car has changed

    Each of these factors affect your car insurance rates. Now that you have moved you may be paying too much.


    5. Submit A Change Of Address To USPS

    The United States Postal Service makes this very easy to accomplish. Visit their site and specify the date when mail should begin forwarding to your new address. There is a simple form to fill out.


    6. Establish Auto-Pay For Your Mortgage

    As a home owner you can opt to pay your mortgage in 2 ways: either write a check and mail it or auto-pay from your bank. When you auto-pay your mortgage, you help to protect your credit score. Remember, Auto-Pay is never late


    Mortgage News Daily

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      Homeownership as an American dream is alive and well according to new data from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) 2018 Housing Opportunities and Market Experience (HOME) Survey. The survey was conducted across all 12 months of last year. Sixty-four percent of respondents were homeowners, 27 percent were renters, and 9 percent were non-homeowners living with a family member without paying rent. NAR just released Aspiring Home Buyers Profile , which focuses on survey responses from non-homebuyers, both those who rent and those living with a family member. Of the non-owners, 45 percent were 34 years or under, 59 percent make an income of under $50,000, and 43 percent live in suburban areas. Across the quarters of 2018 non-homeowners were consistent in their desire to own a home in...(read more)

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      The S&P had been idling in place with prices between 2560 and 2600 for more than a week. During that week, we've discussed the risks associated with a break above 2600. Simply put, if stocks managed to break above their nearest notable technical ceiling, perhaps bonds would do the same. In that case, we were looking at yields of 2.75% as the correlated ceiling. Now today, the S&P closed at 2610 and 10yr Treasury yields not even above 2.72%. To be fair, when stocks broke that ceiling this morning, bonds definitely came along for the ride . But everything played out on a smaller scale, as if both sides of the market were suppressed by some larger uncertainty. While there were quite a few brexit-related headlines in the news, we'd be far better served by focusing our attention...(read more)

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    • Mortgage Rates Unchanged Again as Markets Remain Cautious

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      Mortgage rates were unchanged yet again today. Given that rates are based on trading levels in underlying bond markets, it's no surprise to learn that bond investors have been hesitant to take things too far in either direction after pulling up slightly from the long-term lows achieved in early January. The same could be said for the stock market, but replace early January with late December. For either side of the market, the biggest lingering uncertainty is the fate of the government shutdown . The extent to which a shutdown resolution would move markets remains to be seen. But at the very least, there's a risk that a resolution would push stocks and interest rates higher in unison--at least temporarily. From there, it would fall to actual economic data to set the tone. In that regard, bonds...(read more)

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    • LO Resources; CRM, PR, and Sales Products; January Training

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      Are rates too high given where the U.S. economy is? Traders, investors, and the Fed think they’re where they need to be, given the information we have. Others believe they will head lower this year due to a slowing economy. The release of bank big bank earnings today is shedding some light on economic temperature, but recall that the word “patient” appeared in the recent FOMC minutes as well as in several comments by Fed Chairman Jay Powell related to the timing of potential upcoming rate hikes. (The last time we saw “patient” show up in Fed speak then Chairwoman Janet Yellen used it in reference to rate hikes in early 2015.) Would you patiently wait for your paycheck? U.S. government owes an estimated $5.3 billion to federal workers who have not been paid since...(read more)

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      Neither side of the market (debt/bonds or stocks/equity) feels like it has enough information to move out of recent holding patterns. These sideways trends emerged last week after a an apparent "New Year Bounce" toward higher stock prices and bond yields had proven itself to be a false start. Perhaps 2019's early trend could have remained intact were it not for several key sources of uncertainty. There is an important brexit-related vote in UK parliament tonight, but it will only be important for US bond markets if the vote offers a surprising result. Right now, the expectation seems to be that the Prime Minister's brexit plan will be overwhelmingly rejected. But if it's a reasonably close call, that would leave hope alive for brexit to happen on schedule. There are two...(read more)

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    • MBS RECAP: Bonds Stay in Solid Shape Despite Morning Weakness

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      The overnight trading session was thinly-traded due to a holiday closure in Tokyo. Buyers outnumbered sellers until the domestic session. Promptly after the 820am CME Open , sellers showed up in US Treasuries. Bond market weakness radiated out from there. By the end of the day, it would become more clear that some of the selling was related to corporate debt hedging (read more about why that matters HERE ). Bonds were weaker throughout the morning hours, and then leveled off after European markets closed. It's not uncommon to see Treasuries level-off or reverse course right after European bond markets close. This can happen for a variety of reasons although it can be as simple as a sudden drop in market participation that happens when only one of the three continental areas is trading...(read more)

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    • Mortgage Rates Unchanged to Start the Week

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      Mortgage rates held their ground today, keeping them in line with long-term lows achieved over the past 2 weeks. To be fair, it was the previous week that offered the biggest benefits, but last week was no slouch. Factoring out the first few days of January, it would have been the best week for mortgage rates since April 2018. It was a relatively quiet day for financial markets with the bonds that underlie mortgage rates trading in mostly the same territory as last week. It remains to be seen how markets will react to the absence of the typical spread of economic data (much of which is on hold due to the government shutdown ). Beyond that, the shutdown could certainly begin to have an effect on the economy itself although it's hard to say how big of an effect that would be. With this now being...(read more)

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    • MBA Revives Income Verification During Govt Shutdown

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      At least one part of the shutdown is over as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced it has resumed its Income Verification Express Service (IVES.) The service, which provides tax transcripts essential for processing mortgage applications for non-W-2 wage earners, was shut down, along with many federal government services, on December 21 and its workers were furloughed. The Mortgage Bankers Association took credit for the turnaround , saying it was its "successful advocacy" that got the IRS to restart the program. Robert Broeksmit, president and CEO of MBA said he took the appeal directly to Craig Phillips, a counselor to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Broeksmit said he told Phillips "Look, this is staring to be a problem for the lending industry," and asked, "Could you make these...(read more)

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    • Secondary Marketing; Digital and Property Inspection Products; Radian's RADAR Rate Product

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      My cat Myrtle has never flown coach. She doesn’t have the same complaint I have of airline workers who don’t seem to realize that “full” means full. For some reason they’ve created “completely full,” “extremely full,” “very full,” and, “full.” How did that change? Our industry is always grappling with change (as in alteration, not pennies and nickels), the latest being lenders having to shift their borrower’s expectations due to government paralysis. STRATMOR discusses this in its latest blog, “Home Financing Despite the Partial Shutdown .” Servicers and MBS investors are following regulators’ plea for financial institutions to work with borrowers affected by the government shutdown, along...(read more)

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    • MBS Week Ahead: Record-Breaking Shutdown and Data Darkness

      Posted To: MBS Commentary

      The government shutdown is now the longest ever, and there are a variety of interesting implications. The first is that multiple economic reports will not be released as scheduled. The notable examples in the current week include Retail Sales and the New Residential Construction report ( housing starts and building permits). An absence of econ data naturally increases uncertainty. In and of itself, uncertainty is good for the bond market , but investors will still have access to a few other economic reports that could help form a consensus about what the economy might be doing. Of those, the only reports on this week's calendar with any market-moving history worth mentioning are the Philly Fed Index on Thursday and Consumer Sentiment on Friday. To put their past market-movement potential...(read more)

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